9th (QLD) Battalion marker pennant, c. 1915

Historical note: 

This marker pennant bears the faded colours of the 9th Battalion, originally black over pale blue. These same colours comprised the battalion's colour patch, worn at the top of the sleeve of the men's tunics. Although the principal recruiting area for the battalion was around Brisbane, a significant number of recruits came from northern New South Wales.

The marker pennant was used to mark unit lines for the 9th Battalion while training in Egypt and on Lemnos before becoming the first AIF unit ashore at Gallipoli.

After its use in the war the pennant was carried to several post-war reunions where it picked up the signatures of HRH Prince Albert, the Duke of York, HRH Prince Henry, the Duke of Gloucester, Field Marshal William Riddell Birdwood, Field Marshal George Francis Milne and Lieutenant General Baden Powell.

First World War (1914-18)
Production Date: 
c. 1915

On this day

On this day
3 April

1885 — Battle of TAMAI. 770 men of the New South Wales Contingent were involved in this most significant battle of the war in the SUDAN

1942 — 23 survivors from HMAS PERTH surrendered to the Japanese in Sumatra. This group was part of the 307 who survived the sinking of their ship on the 1st. March in which 375 of their shipmates died. Their efforts to reach Australia failed due to winds, currents, and lack of food and water. Despite their lifeboat being fired upon by Japanese ships, they reached Sumatra where they surrendered and were imprisoned for the remainder of the war.